Watch the 2023 ETIS Gathering common session now!

Dear ETIS Community,

We want to thank the over 230 of you that have joined us for this year's ETIS Community Gathering in Berlin!

We are grateful and honoured for your continued participation and support. 

Based on the overwhelming feedback we have received, we are happy to share that our annual flagship event has been a great success, not only for ETIS, but for all of you who rely on our platform to engage with your peers across Europe in an open and trusted way. Over 60 entities, including the 2023 ETIS Gathering sponsors, were represented across 13 working groups and task forces.



Presentations Slides

You can already access the Common Session slides and most of the Working Group or Task Force presentations via your working group agendas on the Gathering website ( Click on the icon at the top and enter the password you were given by your Central Office contact person to view them.

Common Session Video


To watch the introductory presentations given by 8 insightful speakers in the Common Session, or to share the with your colleagues, you can view the video via the Gathering website home page.




We are starting to plan upcoming webinars and meetings (including the 2024 ETIS Gathering!), so if you weren't able to fill out an evaluation form, we will be in touch to get your feedback.

In the meantime, we are scheduling several working group video meetings for this month, and we are starting to plan webinars for next autumn, so feel free to check out our calendar.

Thank you again for your participation and support! We look forward to seeing you at the next ETIS activity.

Best regards,
Wim, Andrija, Ljuba, Ruxandra and Ayush
of the ETIS Central Office