European Telecommunications ISAC



After decades of providing a knowledge-exchange platform for the telecom security experts in Europe, ETIS in 2022 claimed the title of the European Telecommunications Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (ET-ISAC).

Currently, activities of ETIS Information Security Working Group and ETIS CERT-SOC Working Group are jointly considered as activities of the ET-ISAC, bringing together more than 30 telcos and other players in the telco ecosystem in Europe.

ETIS is proud to have gained this recognition as part of a multi-year project on mapping the activities of ISACs in Europe, conducted by CapGemini. The said project also resulted in the foundation of the EU Council of ISACs, an informal initiative which aims to coordinate the work of ISACs in Europe.

The above mentioned working groups meet several times a year via major conferences and webinars, through which they exchange sensitive information in a closed environment and clear TLP rules.

Our sharing rules are available here.

By accessing the links in below, you can get a better sense of activities of our ISAC and who are the desired participant profiles:


Most impactful activities for our partners and supporting parties include:

  • Bi-weekly telco threat intelligence sharing calls

  • Annual Telco Security Benchmarks

  • Annual Telco Security Landscapes

  • Capture The Flag competitions

  • Exchanges on telco security matters in a telco-only environment (no suppliers or non-members present)


In order to join our ET-ISAC, you can reach out to the coordinator of the groups and ETIS Central Office staff member Andrija Višić ( or