ETIS Management Board

The Management Board determines the strategy & governance of ETIS and approves the annual budget. The Board consists of representatives from companies who are Telco partners of ETIS. The Board approves new ETIS partners and supporting parties and authorises the formation of working groups.

Paul Slot

ETIS Chairman

Fabrice Clement

ETIS Treasurer

ETIS Council

The Council consists of 7 to 9 members. The Council is chaired by the Chairman of the Management Board and meets periodically to oversee the operational aspects of ETIS. The Council is currently composed of:

In addition to the Board and Council, each ETIS working group has a dedicated core-team of telecom operator representatives, who navigate the workflow of each group.

Paul Slot

ETIS Chairman

Arnold Pfeiffer

Pedro Gonçalves

Branimir Spajic

Christian Miciecki

Antonietta Mastroianni

Dmitrijs Nikitins