ETIS is the collaboration platform for the European telecom industry.

Founded in 1991, ETIS is a non-profit organization which brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge in a trusted environment. The ETIS community is composed of 30 telco Partners(operators) and 17 supporting parties (suppliers), representing the telecommunications industry in 21 European country.

Our mission is to provide our community with the highly trusted collaboration platform within the European telecommunication industry where YOU:

  • DECIDE on the topics for information exchange and meeting set-up
  • EXCHANGE use cases & best practices with your peers on a regular basis
  • Have DIRECT discussions with your peers no consultants or intermediate parties
  • Engage in a TRUSTED environment (no media involved)
  • LEARN from telcos and vendors (no sales pitches allowed)
  • Collaborate on the FULL SPECTRUM (both failures and success stories)
  • HAVE ACCESS to exclusive Benchmarks & Surveys

Therefore, our goal is to enable our community to reach their strategic objectives and to improve their business performance by sharing knowledge on industry challenges and by collaborating where possible.

What makes ETIS truly unique is the trust and openness of the community, as its partners share real-world experiences and use-cases. These deliver knowledge, innovation and value that go well beyond other industry bodies who focus on theoretical models, standardization, PR or sales.

The top issues for our partners and supporting parties are addressed within and across focused working groups, each of them managed by an ETIS representative.

ETIS is composed of telco partners (operators) and supporting parties (suppliers) whose employees can participate in the activities of our working groups and task forces.