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Mats Lundin handed over his Chairmanship to Paul Mariën

Tuesday 24 October 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Veronika Jermanova


Mats Lundin (Mats Bay Consulting) was one of the key people establishing the PVMWG in ETIS. Mats was leading the Working Group since the very first meeting on 19 January 2007 until the latest meeting at ETIS Community Gathering 2017 on 5 and 6 October in Tallinn. His success in bringing new members on ETIS Procurement board was fundamental in promoting cooperation of Procurement professionals from various European Telco’s.

The very first meeting of PVMWG had five attendees and the following one already welcomed nine participants. The Working Group has significantly expanded since then and at our last meeting we welcomed 15 attendees from eight different operators. Mats contributed a lot to the development of the Working Group and now after chairing more than 30 meetings, he has handed the role over to the Vice-Chairman of the Working Group Paul Mariën (Proximus).

The time as Chairman has been an honorable task which has given me deeper insight in Procurement work with all the knowledge sharing both in the Working Group and at ETIS Gatherings at large.

I have also got many new friends among the members, not only in PVMWG, but in ETIS as such, so in fact I will miss the teams. When possible I might join some future meetings to catch up and share more knowledge and keep up acquaintances.’  Mats Lundin

After obtaining two Bachelor’s Degrees; in Accounting and in Business Economics, Paul Mariën graduated with a Master’s Degree in Management. Paul has joined Proximus in 2000 and since the very beginning of working for this Belgian operator, he was in the lead of Procurement Management projects. Paul has been mostly active in the technology area. However, he has also introduced Procurement in the less obvious spheres of Telco business such as marketing and sponsoring. Since a number of years Paul has been focusing on Procurement Strategy and Transformation including the development of training programs for Procurement professionals.  Paul fosters the idea of sharing experience and knowledge and setting new standards for the Procurement profession. Taking into account Paul’s wide range of professional experience, his Procurement program training leadership and his believe in knowledge sharing, the position of PVMWG Chairman fits Paul perfectly.

50% of a Telecom Operators’ external spent is with a handful of dominant players that are active in the very core of our business and will be in for a very long stay.  Managing these relationships will be one of the top challenges for Procurement but will require a different type of Buyer.’ Paul Mariën

From the ETIS Central office, we would like to thank Mats Lundin for his major contributions in the last 10 years as Procurement & Vendor Management Working Group Chairman and at the same time, we want to thank Paul for taking over from Mats and wish him the best of luck.

Thank you Mats and Paul!