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Procurement and Vendor Management Working Group met in The Hague

Tuesday 2 May 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Veronika Jermanova

Procurement & Vendor Management Working Group met for the first time in the year 2017. This meeting was happening with good expectations as there was the highest number of participants in past two years. Also the meeting was the 30th meeting of the PVMWG and 10 years ago the very  first meeting of the PVMWG happened in The Hague as well.


The meeting was kindly hosted by KPN that arranged great facilities with welcoming atmosphere and professional preparation for open discussion among ETIS Members. Agenda of the meeting was based on the latest trends and challenges in procurement and also adjusted to Members’ requests.


The first day started with round table where all participants presented the latest challenges they have to face and what new technologies and approaches are they have been using  nowadays. After this round table, PVM  Members discussed operational structures of particular procurement departments and shared their knowledge how to face challenges that were similar for vast majority of participants. During the meeting we also had a chance to see the latest KPN’s technology tools and laboratories of IoT, 5G and other equipment necessary to keep up and innovate in digital Telco environment.


Day two was comprised of interesting presentations on topics such as: agile way of working within procurement, Second-hand software  license buying and selling and GDPR.

Michael Bell (KPN) started day with his show case presentation how KPN has adopted agile way of working. During this presentation he mentioned lessons learn while dealing with agile procurement way-of-working.

Kim Kleinhesselink (KPN) introduced advantages of the second-hand software licensing and what also one should be careful about while purchasing a second-hand software.

Wim De Meyer (ETIS) introduced new ETIS Task Force Data Privacy by giving insight into GDPR and how the Task Force Members are dealing with it. The PVM Members were interested in Joint Session with the DPTF during the ETIS Gathering in Tallinn.

Paul Marien (Proximus) gave two presentations ‘Use of external and unstructured intelligence’ and ‘Demand Management’. Paul’s first presentation was an interesting showcase on how to get the most from reporting and intelligence. During Demand Management presentation, Paul introduced concepts developed by start-ups and made their comparison. This presentation was complement of agile procurement way-of-working.  

If you would like to see more information and also to stay up to date with news and photos from the meeting, follow us through social media channels; @etisorg and use hashtags #PVMWG and #ETIS.


For more questions about this event or how to join Procurement and Vendor Working Group, please contact ETIS CO representative Veronika Jermanova  (