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How we work?

Sharing best practices in a non-competitive environment that benefits the whole Telecom industry...

ETIS is a membership based, non-profit organization which brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge on key information and communication technology issues in a trusted environment. The Mission of ETIS is to enable its members to improve their business performance by the personal exchange of information on using ICT effectively. ETIS achieves this by engaging its members in working groups & task forces, sharing best-practices & common requirements, benchmarking, surveys and an active online community.

ETIS has three formal categories of Membership available to the various players in the Telecom and IT industry:

  • Full Membership

Full Membership is open to European Telecom Operators and Full Members may take part in all ETIS activities and are also represented in the Management Board with full voting rights.
Typically it is the Telco’s CIO/CTO/IT Director who is the decision maker concerning ETIS Membership and responsible for the Membership on behalf of the Company. The Company Member Representative takes part in the Management Board and Digital Telco Strategy Forum and is responsible for engaging their colleagues to take part in the various Working Groups where the overall Telco will benefit from the exchanging of knowledge and information. The Management Board representative is eligible to be elected to the ETIS Council to help shape the future strategy and priorities of ETIS, define working groups, studies, events and more via the Management Board. Full Membership allows the member company to take part in all working groups with as many participants as they like, either as an active member attending meetings or an online user sharing information using all the online tools. 

  • Associate Membership 

ETIS also provides an ideal platform for Vendors to improve the effectiveness of their relationships with their customers in the European Telco industry via Associate Membership. Associate Membership will grant you with yearly membership to the Association and you can be present in a majority of the Working Groups by invitation. ETIS is not a sales platform and the Associate Member participants should be there to exchange the latest industry news, technologies, strategies and use cases whilst receiving important user feedback from the Telcos in a non-competitive environment.

  • Partnership

ETIS also has several privileged relationships with various non-profit organisations in the Telecom and IT Industry in order to share information which is mutually beneficial for the Telco industry.
For more information on how to join ETIS activities, please contact us and will get in touch with you to explain all the benefits of membership in more detail.