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ETIS Community Gathering 2013

Future Telecom business drivers & IT implications - Riga, 17/18 October 2013
This year, ETIS members met in Riga on October 17-18 to share and exchange knowledge at the ETIS Community Gathering 2013. The theme of the Gathering was ‘Future Telecom Business Drivers & IT Implications’. The Gathering was also held in conjunction with the 46th Management Board meeting kindly hosted by Lattelecom. This successful event brought together close to 140 participants from 57 companies to share knowledge on key ICT issues facing the Telecom industry.

The Gathering opened with a common session focused on what the future of the industry holds for Telcos and offered inspiration and advice for the opportunities, challenges and implications of the next wave of disruptive innovation in the IT world. The keynote presentation was made by Dr. Ian Pearson, a world-renown futurologist who worked in that same position for BT for sixteen years. The morning also featured a welcome address from Wim De Meyer, Belgacom and ETIS Chairman, followed by a presentation by Kerli Gabrilovica, Commercial Director of Lattelecom, who analysed Latvia’s telecommunications market trends and Lattelecom role in positioning Latvia as an e-country. This was nicely complemented by Dr. Oscar Cicchetti, Telecom Italia’s Chief Strategy Officer, who outlined Telecom Italia’s vision for the future business drivers and IT implications. To provide a well-rounded overview, the thought-provoking morning finished with a presentation from Google providing a future looking ‘over-the-top’ perspective, whilst Ericsson described their vision for a Networked Society.

The remainder of the Gathering was dedicated to parallel sessions for seven ETIS Working Groups: Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Billing &Revenue Management, Procurement & Vendor Management, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse and Customer Self Service. The Gathering also featured a CIO Excutive Workshop that focused on ‘What every CIO should know about IT security’ as well as ‘Big Data opportunities and challenges’ and ‘IT transformation & portfolio reduction strategies’.

The two-day event was an ideal opportunity for all of the members, associates, partners as well as the working groups to get to know one another, learn about each other’s activities, plans and expectations and above all, share knowledge. ETIS would also like to thank the 2013 Community Gathering’s sponsors that made the event a great success: Ericsson (Gold sponsor), Amdocs (Silver sponsor), Openet (Silver sponsor), AsiaInfo Linkage (Bronze sponsor), Qlikview (Bronze sponsor), cVidya (Copper sponsor), Comverse (Copper sponsor), Civitta (Copper sponsor), Denodo (Copper sponsor) and Exacaster (Copper sponsor).
If you are a member of the ETIS Community, please log-in and follow the link below to go to the event's group pages where you can find all of the keynote presentations from the Common Session as well as many memorable pictures taken during the Gathering.

ETIS will be hosting the next Community Gathering in Budapest on 16-17 October 2013. This meeting is open to ETIS members, Associate members, Partners and Working Group participants. If you are interested in membership or sponsoring this event, please feel free to contact us.