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TeBIT 2019 Executive Report


a collaboration between ETIS and the Boston Consulting Group

Telcos are stepping up their agile game, adding talent and tools. But they have yet to commit fully to the new methodologies. Where are they in their agile transformations? That’s the question explored in this year’s IT benchmarking study (TeBIT), a survey of European operators’ IT spending and performance that was completed in September 2019. The idea was to take a page from one of agile’s core pillars--the feedback loop--which requires that companies examine the work in progress, identify adjustments, make the changes, and iterate.

TeBIT gets the loop started by looking at agile implementations and suggesting areas for improvement. Among them: developing more consistent measurement frameworks and deploying additional technological enablers. But it’s up to telcos to keep the iterations—and the momentum—going. And to, step by step, get to the optimal form of agile.

Learn this, finding the right agile formula as well as more about where Telco's are in their agile implementations by downloading the report.

For more information, please contact Wim De Meyer, Managing Director of ETIS. 


About TeBIT

A collaboration between ETIS and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), TeBIT is a benchmarking study analyzing business and technology drivers in the telecommunications industry. Many thanks to Frank Felden, Senior Partner & Managing Director - Cologne, and Thomas Krüger, Associate Director - Düsseldorf, of Boston Consulting Group for their work in realizing this project.