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Do we need a Telco-specific e-invoicing CIUS?

In an effort to mitigate the high costs and complexity resulting from the lack of standardisation of e-invoice formats, the European Commission decided to create a European norm with e-Invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU. As of April 2019, public authorities throughout the EU now need to accept e-invoices in compliance with the European standards approved by CEN: UN/CEFACT XML and UBL (whether this is through the national platforms or the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network.)

What is the result? Public authorities now need to accept and process e-invoices respecting the European standard, however can still do so through other formats.



At the April 2019 Smart Charging and Payments Working Group meeting, ETIS associate member CALVI presented the NL CIUS they developed in collaboration with Telcos, large processors and normalization institutes in The Netherlands. Why create a NL CIUS? To further the standardisation process by capturing the complexities of a Telco's invoice. (You can learn more about this here.)

Out of this presentation and a subsequent ETIS webinar, interest was raised among our members to discuss the possibility of using UBL and translating the Dutch NL CIUS for use as an ETIS CIUS. Although e-invoicing is still very country-specific, CALVI created the ETIS CIUS to be used as a blueprint or roadmap for Telcos to further the standardisation process across Europe.

Where do we go from here? The Smart Charging and Payments Working Group will continue to discuss e-invoicing as it is developing within each member and throughout Europe as a whole. Interested to learn more? Contact Michele Lalic, the ETIS Central Office representative responsible for this working group.

The ETIS Smart Charging and Payments Working Group looks at the latest billing challenges, opportunities and strategies as well as the main business drivers influencing the Telco's business environment.


Many thanks to ETIS associate member CALVI for spearheading this initiative!