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ETIS Community Gathering 2019 - Participating start-ups




EyeOnID is a proactive anti-theft alarm that protects the identity of individuals and corporations through proprietary technology and a team of highly specialised IT-experts. When a breach is detected EyeOnID will alert its customers before the information has fallen into the wrong hands, is abused and have created real problems. The solution also helps the user to understand what actions to take to reduce their risks and how to solve any alerts received in combination with a global and comprehensive ID-theft insurance.


Learn more about EyeOnID.





Mobile advertising is skyrocketing and remains the fastest growth segment within the entire advertising industry. Compared to soaring mobile usage and media time spent on mobile, however, actual mobile ad spendings are seemingly not growing “fast enough.” The reason for this lag: The lack of valid data on mobile subscribers - it is simply tough for advertisers to target the right audiences on mobile devices.


Geolad makes telecoms leaders in data-driven business, such as advertising and analytics - by leveraging ISP data in a secure, anonymised and scalable way. Learn more about Geolad.  





Insider Navigation (INS) offers hardware independent, Augmented Reality indoor navigation. With their innovative product every venue/site becomes interactive. Their SDK enables users to have precise positioning, intuitive navigation and displays the right 2D and 3D content at the right spot. It is completely hardware free (no becaons etc.) and runs on all operating systems.

Their vision is to become the leading technology enabling precise positioning and intuitive navigation for venues/sites, visually merging digital information with reality. Learn more about Insider Navigation.





Invenium explores human mobility. They work with leading telecommunications providers to understand where people come from, where they go and what moves them.


The knowledge gained transforms the way cities are built, traffic is planned and locations are used economically. Invenium uses state-of-the-art algorithms, powerful big data technologies and artificial intelligence to turn millions of data points into Insights. Completely anonymised and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines. Learn more about Invenium.





In the light of GDPR, consent is essential for MNOs to be able to perform direct marketing, cross- and up-selling, as well as data monetization activities. By combining identification capabilities of mobile network operators with mobile advertising technology, Optink has developed a solution to collect consent in the faster and easiest way on MNO’s own websites, as well as 3rd party inventory. MNO can store the collected consent in their CRM and use them in a compliant way to display personalized offers or carry out other activities. For instance, the 1-click purchase function helps reduce churn and reaches subscribers whose contract is about to expire or being terminated. With our solution, network operators and their SMB customers can not only preserve revenue streams that are otherwise limited through GDPR but also improve sales processes by increasing contact frequency. Learn more about Optink.





ready2order is a multi-award winning and cloud-based point-of-sale solution from Austria that transforms every smartphone, tablet and PC into a fully functional cash register. With ready2order you can process payments, manage and engage customers, check your stock and perform analysis in real-time. In addition to the extensive pos system you can also get professional hardware in our store.

Companies that use ready2order have access to a range of awesome tools that are more powerful and easier to use than enterprise systems - but only for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about Ready2Order.





SchoolFox is the most advanced communication platform for parents and teachers. It creates a direct link to students' parents: Educators can send important information or memories from the school day as text or photo messages from their smartphones or computers to the entire class, individual groups or specific parents. Moreover, recipients of a communication have the possibility to have them translated into 40 languages with one click.

SchoolFox is not only for schools: Schoolfox is ideal for all organizations with group leaders/trainers/educators, where the leaders want to exchange information with the group members (or their parents) quickly, regularly and with minimal effort. Learn more about SchoolFox.





Sievo combines best-of-breed spend management software, world-class services and value-added content. They specialise in transforming heterogeneous procurement data from any source to business value that hits the bottom line. Sievo's proprietary data extraction, classification and enrichment software provide total spend visibility for some of the world's largest and most complex procurement organizations. Sievo empowers procurement to move beyond spend tracking with uniquely forward-looking solutions for realized savings management, contract lifecycle management and profitability forecasting. Learn more about Sievo.







Tiga.eleven adds a smart marketing layer to your hotel, cafe or restaurant guest WiFi: collecting guest data, improving your online reputation and boosting your social media is done automatically.

They integrate our service into your existing WiFi infrastructure, all hardware vendors supported. Analyze your guest data: from basic demographics to influencer marketing. Export all data in a standard format to enrich your existing databases. It's your data- use it! You would like to use our solution for newsletter campaigns and online marketing activities and have a database to integrate? Just import the data! Learn more about Tiga.eleven.





Vintom provides an end-to-end solution to personalised video communications with both audio and visual content: they use relevant customer and context data so that each customer receives his/her unique message. The platform supports real time dynamic scene selection and in-video personalisation with names, images, data simulations, dates etc. They connect their platform with your CRM and campaign management platforms through APIs in order to automate campaign generation process. Individualised videos messages combine the effectiveness of visual content, attractiveness of storytelling and relevancy of contextual data to drive outstanding engagement and conversion results. Vintom achieves outstanding engagement results: over 80% of the viewers watch their video messages till the end. Learn more about Vintom.





Whalebone protects your network from harmful malware and infected websites. Thanks to our global security intelligence grid it’s rapid — your network gets protected even without any software installation or various configuration changes.


Whalebone supports the latest DNS standards (DNSSEC, DNS over TLS, IPv6, DNS over HTTPS), blocks all malware families and is tailored for specific use-cases. The only thing you have to do is to configure your DNS forwarders and let your users browse safely. We take care of all the updates and policy tuning. Learn more about Whalebone.