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ETIS Community Gathering 2019 - Speakers


"A new vision, strategy and plan for the telecoms industry (and what you personally should do). How Telcos can reinvent and reinvigorate themselves in the Coordination Age"

Andrew will describe his vision of the Coordination Age and the roles that Telcos should play in it. He’ll outline how Telcos can reshape their strategies on:

• Leadership (a new vision and direction);
• Products and services (where and how to play);
• Technology (how to assemble/aggregate technologies and partnerships to deliver);
• Customers (gaining the understanding you need now);
• Marketing (communicating your new identity and proposition);
• HR and employee relations (engaging the team and working out what skills you need and how to get them);
• Regulation (developing a new relationship with government and the regulator);
• Relationships with shareholders and other stakeholders (proving the value to all);
• …and what you should do about it!

About Andrew:

Andrew leads STL Partners' research business and has over 25 years of experience working in telecoms, holding senior business and strategic roles within the mobile, fixed line, VOIP and internet service sectors. Andrew has particular interests in how organisations and people change, AI and neuroscience.


"Security Evolution Vs. Rapid Adaption – the impact of geopolitical dynamics on network strategy"

Jaya will discuss how to design a robust future proof network and deal with the vagaries of international politics played out on network operators, as well as on hardware and software vendors. She will also discuss current threats and analyses as well as which options present the best way forward to verify the trust we have placed in our supply chain so that customers can better place their trust with us.

About Jaya:

Jaya is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of KPN in the Netherlands and COO of Openbook. An authority in cybersecurity and an expert in quantum computing, she was recently recognized as one of the top 100 CISO's globally. Jaya has worked in the information security arena for the past 20 years, working for telecommunications companies such as Verizon and France Telecom. Jaya is a frequent speaker at security conferences on subjects around lawful interception, mass surveillance, and cryptography. 




"The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Telecom Sector"

The world is at the cusp of entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What technologies does this revolution consist of (such as AI, robotisation, 5G and blockchain) and how do they interact? What impact will this next ‘machine age’ have for our economies and societies? And what role can the telecoms sector play in the industrial revolution?

Joop will discuss these exciting developments as well give an outlook to 2030 and what the world may look like by then. He will also explore the various strategies that telecom operators can take to position themselves in the 5G era – anywhere from being the dumb pipe to full integration with verticals such as the automotive or energy sectors.

About Joop:

Joop is a writer, speaker and independent advisor for clients including Google and the GSMA. After a career in governmental circles in The Netherlands, Joop became a freelancer, developing projects on major shifts in society. His latest book, Technologie de baas  (Technology in Command) deals with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.