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ETIS Community Gathering 2018 - Local Innovation Session


Automaise helps reduce customer service costs while increasing staff productivity by automating customer service tasks using Artificial Intelligence.

Automaise provides artificially intelligent virtual employees for customer service. Their AI virtual employees can be hired by companies to autonomously execute designated tasks. Automaise offers a growing portfolio of virtual employees ready to be hired for various business verticals and tasks/processes.



Professional Services for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

Cryptobay can take you step-by-step through addressing your specific needs within the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry. Typical needs requested by clients include blockchain applications to their business, ICO fundraising, & how to use cryptocurrencies to enable a more efficient business.


Heptasense is a cloud-based platform that unlocks the full potential of security cameras to improve security, management, sales and create better customer profiles. 

Companies can use Heptasense to recognize hand gestures, track people, create heat maps of motion in a space, interaction maps and recognize Human behavior (suspicious behavior, running, smoking, eating, falling, stealing) and physical metrics (age, gender, size). Such information could be used for real-time decision making or be organized in a dashboard owned by the company. 



More than a maintenance software, Infraspeak is a technical operations platform that totally adapts to you and your needs.

Infraspeak is the most simple, integrated, flexible and efficient software to excel at the overall process of facility and asset management. Using the most advanced web and mobile technologies, it radically increases control and productivity of its users, reducing bureaucracy, risks and costs.

From corrective maintenance to asset management to building management, Infraspeak is an innovative solution for companies supplying, managing or purchasing maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.



Mapidea is a web-based Enterprise Location Intelligence SaaS deployed on the Cloud or On-Premises. Designed under the core principles of simplicity and speed, it supports a large number of business users from distinct areas in a collaborative analytical environment. It’s a ready-to-use, zero-setup solution that fusions internal and external data sources using geography as a common dimension.

 * Spatial Business Performance and Competition Management
* Location-Based Customer Lifecycle Management
* Spatial Network and Store Expansion and Optimization
* Monetize your data



ODYSAI focuses on the development of highly innovative products that tackle complex challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

They excel at using data and mathematical tools as means to create highly targeted automation and recommendation systems, capable of taking any digital transformation to the next level. Odysai bases everything they do in the constant development of scientific skills and on the application of math and statistics to our reality in the form of AI.



Parkio is Europe's 1st continent-wide parking marketplace connecting drivers with parking spaces in Real-Time.

Winner of Best Smart Cities Solution in Brussels 2017 and Winner in Lisbon Challenge 2017. Parkio matches under-used parking spaces with drivers who are looking to park. Saving them time and money as they don't have to circle around and run back to the meter.


VISOR.AI is a chatbot company that helps companies to improve their online customer service thanks to automated replies.

Visor AI helps companies automate up to 85% of the interactions with their clients by using artificial intelligence and chat bots. Their solution can be incorporated into Email/WhatsApp/Messenger accounts in order to save time and money. They provide a personalized solution for each client and assist them throughout the entire process.



yubuy is an innovative interactive TV commerce solution that allows an easy, quick and secure purchase of services and goods, all of which are seamlessly integrated with the traditional linear TV user experience. The idea is to transform common tasks, like ordering a pizza, all sorts of food, experiences and products in a very simple, safe and quick process.