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ETIS Values

Sharing knowledge implies that one has to both give and receive...

The following core values are the guiding principals behind all ETIS activities:

  • The type of knowledge shared in ETIS is non-competitive information on use cases and best practices that are of benefit to the whole industry and in line with the Anti-Trust regulations. It is based on real-life experiences that go well beyond the theoretical models covered in other industry bodies. The ETIS membership is governed by a confidentiality agreement and members understand that the information shared is confidential.
  • The possibility to actually know the other participants in the working groups and build a relationship and mutual trust is an important facilitator for knowledge-sharing in ETIS. That implies that working groups are limited in size.
  • ETIS activities are created by Telcos, for Telcos resulting in very actual and targeted knowledge.ETIS is member-driven organisation and it is the members who decide on the topics and activities to be covered. Sharing knowledge implies that one has to both give and receive. All members are expected to contribute to the process of knowledge sharing, either as a source or as a reviewer.
  • ETIS is recognised as an organisation that delivers high quality services and reacts fast to member requests.


For more information on how to join ETIS activities, please contact us.