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Digital Billing and Payments Manifesto


How Telcos will regain customer trust and promote transparency through digitalisation

This working paper of the ETIS Smart Charging and Payments (SCP) working group envisions a future in which customer experience is always at the forefront and the complexity of billing is in the past. Today, the seemingly endless number of digital possibilities have created new customer demands and expectations. Telcos must ensure that they keep up because Over-The-Top (OTT) players are innovating quickly. 

With billing being an essential element of overall customer satisfaction, we believe the transparency and convenience of a true digital billing and payments model will help Telcos regain customer trust and loyalty. For this reason, this working paper—this “Manifesto as SCP refers to it”—addresses the business value of digital billing as well as both the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation presents for the billing process; the customer journey; and the level of customer trust.


We would like to create a movement that will ripple through all billing and payments departments in the industry and beyond. However we realise that as an organisation-transforming process, digitalisation is a cross-departmental and multi-stakeholder initiative. Thus, it was written as a resource whereby one can:

  • Benchmark where their organisation stands in the digitalisation process;
  • Identify opportunities and next steps to consider in their own transformation projects;
  • Advocate digitalisation within their billing departments; as well as
  • Generate discussions and explain the complexities of billing to other departments.


This working paper was a product of the discussions of the April 2018 meeting of the SCP Working Group related to the future of billing, its digitalisation and the “ideal invoice.” Special thanks to the representatives from KPN, Deutsche Telekom, Proximus and CALVI for their work in consolidating and summarising these perspectives into one vision.

More broadly, the SCP working group looks at the latest billing challenges, opportunities and strategies as well as the main business drivers influencing the Telco's business environment. Learn more about this group here. To learn more about the manifesto and other initiatives of SCP, please contact Michele Lalic, the ETIS Central Office representative responsible for this working group.