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Membership benefits

Sharing knowledge on business performance, cost reduction, efficiency & governance.

Participation in ETIS activities gives you access to knowledge, best practices and deliverables that can be used to increase business performance in your company at a greatly reduced cost in comparison to the potential cost of obtaining such knowledge and resources independently. ETIS Membership allows its Members to make better-informed strategic choices and test new concepts, validated by the experience of real IT practitioners in the Telecom industry.

Trusted platform for sharing knowledge via Working Groups.

ETIS Working Groups, Telco Networks and Tasks Forces enable Members share knowledge on key ICT issues in a non-competitive environment. 

Access to telco specific benchmarks, KPIs & surveys.

Gain access to our benchmarking studies and surveys covering a wide range of IT KPIs enabling Telcos to improve their decision-making. Participating in ETIS gives you access to strategies and best practices for reducing costs and increasing efficiency for operations, governance and integration often leading to innovative changes in organisations.

Expanded business relationships & networking with EU telcos and their daughter companies.

ETIS provides you with a valuable personal network composed of CIOs and their direct reports who are at the forefront of IT in the Telco industry.

Joining an active online community.

ETIS Members have access to our secure and trusted Members Corner which is active online community for networking, collaborating and sharing knowledge in between physical meetings. Access to the ETIS Members Corner provides you with deliverables, presentations, reports, white papers, minutes, surveys, archives, wikis and discussion forums.

Personal & professional development.

ETIS provides the platform for experts to discuss ever changing key issues, allowing for information exchange and continual skills development. As an active ETIS member, you'll become well known for your knowledge and contributions to specific topics, working groups and events. 

Driving the strategic direction of ETIS via the Management Board.

Members not only derive significant benefits from ETIS but also have a unique opportunity to be actively involved and shape the future strategy and priorities of ETIS, define Working Groups, studies, events and more via the Management Board.

Participating in the annual ETIS community gathering.

One of the key mediums used to share knowledge is our annual Community Gathering which gives you access to your peers in the European Telecom industry from other Working Groups. Members are entitled to a place at the annual ETIS Community Gathering as well as the possibility to present, sponsor and exhibit at the event.


For more information on how to join ETIS activities, please contact us.