GlueUp, new ETIS technology partner

Dear members in the ETIS community,

Let us introduce Glue Up to you today - an online platform ETIS started to use in late 2023, for our website, CRM, and now, in 2024 for our community platform “My ETIS”. It is a software-as-a-service solution which we use to organise virtual and physical events with, draft and send mass communications, as well as automatic emails that you receive.

You will continue to receive most of working group related communication from ETIS Central Office colleagues with addresses, but there are certain automatic emails we (for the moment) can’t adjust that you will be receiving from addresses. These include registration confirmations, approvals, invites to update your profiles, change passwords every now and then, etc.

Thank you for your understanding and for letting us know (via or if you experience any difficulties in using the platform.

ETIS Central Office