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News & Press: ETIS Community Announcements

How can Telcos reinvent and reinvigorate themselves in the Coordination Age?

Tuesday 11 June 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michele Lalic

We're pleased to announce that Andrew Collinson (Partner and Research Director at STL Partners) will be a keynote speaker at the 2019 ETIS Community Gathering, which takes place from October 17-18 in Vienna, Austria.

During the course of his presentation, Andrew will describe his vision of the Coordination Age, and the roles that Telcos should play in it.

The traditional telecoms market has peaked, and despite their best efforts, Telcos are regarded as losing relevance and vitality by their customers and stakeholders. Telcos’ great vision and drive to connect the world has fundamentally been achieved, and while there is more to do, few are willing to pay more to be connected.

The industry’s response so far has been to throw technology at the problem, e.g. 5G, IoT, NFV, Industry 4.0, etc., but customers want solutions not technologies. And internally, who is motivated by ‘digital transformation’? Who really cares how digital you are?!

Instead, there is a great need across all economies for something fundamentally new: solutions that help people, businesses and governments run their worlds better, and make what they’ve got go further.

Andrew calls the confluence of these needs and their potential technological enablers the Coordination Age, because coordination between physical and digital worlds is the solution (rather than just information which lives in the digital world). He believe that Telcos need to not just recognise this transition but use it to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves. It provides a compelling drive for change because it is something that the world needs, and telcos are in a great position to help.

Moreover, he’ll outline how Telcos should reshape their strategies on:

  • Leadership (a new vision and direction)
  • Products and services (where and how to play)
  • Technology (how to assemble/aggregate technologies and partnerships to deliver)
  • Customer (gaining the understanding you need now)
  • Marketing (communicating your new identity and proposition)
  • HR and employee relations (engaging the team and working out what skills you need and how to get them)
  • Regulation (developing a new relationship with government and the regulator)
  • Relationships with shareholders and other stakeholders (proving the value to all)
  • …and what you should do about it!

Andrew has been research director at STL Partners for the last 10 years, following 20 years as a practitioner in a range of roles in telecoms. His job is to find difficult questions, like ‘what should a Telco be?’ and bring together the ideas and analysis from all of STL’s analysts to deliver the answers.

Interested to attend? Click here to learn more about the 2019 ETIS Community Gathering.


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