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From a manifesto for true digital billing to fintech: a meeting of the SCP Working Group

Monday 23 April 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michele Lalic

The ETIS Smart Charging and Payments Working Group (SCP) gathered from April 19 to 20 for their first meeting of the year, which was kindly hosted by Calvi.

The SCP Working Group looks at the latest billing challenges, opportunities and strategies as well as the main business drivers influencing the Telcos billing environment. SC&P Working Group also covers revenue management and billing fraud issues.

In addition to discussing the current projects and challenges faced at each company in a roundtable discussion, the first day of the meeting was devoted primarily to an innovative workshop on bill design. Participants brought samples of invoices they send to both consumers and SME customers in order to discuss the varying content and design. Originally designed to produce a set of essential elements that would create the “ideal” invoice, the workshop rather resulted in tangible feedback on each company’s bespoke approach. As a whole participants agreed that marketing on invoices doesn’t work and that the focus should be on the customer experience and moving to a true digital billing and payment model. A major outcome of the workshop was thus the commitment by the group to work together in creating a position paper—a “manifesto” of sorts—on what digital billing actually is and why Telcos should transform into this direction, which they could then use when advocating digitilisation in their own departments. Expected to be ready for our next meeting at the annual ETIS Community Gathering in Lisbon from October 18-19, 2018, it will be presented as part of a session on how to transform to a full digital experience and bill.

A presentation on the key performance indicators Deutsche Telekom uses for billing resulted in a general discussion on the methodology of each company, which will be analysed by the ETIS core team to create a KPI list to be used for benchmarking purposes at future meetings. There was also a call for action to create BaaS KPIs. The total cost of billing was also a session topic, as was the challenges in addressing and preventing discrepancies between contracted services versus what is actually billed.

Another highlight of the meeting was a presentation by KPN on the opportunities for telcos in the financial services sector. All participants agreed that telcos have a competitive advantage in fintech and should move in this direction together as an industry. As noted, “Identity and payments converge and amplify each other in a digital world. Mobile is the catalyst.”

If you would like to know more about the group and its activities, please visit the Smart Charging and Payments Working Group page or contact us.

ETIS members can access the presentations and materials on the Members Corner of the ETIS website and on ETIS' Yammer Network.


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