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ETIS Community Gathering 2018 - Startup Session


We are a software house, developing services and applications that enable service providers, utilities and telecommunication companies to make a difference in emerging value-added areas for business and residential segments. Our applications engage customers by providing new services associated with energy efficiency, end-user energy reports, smart grids, smart homes, gas and water consumption, heating metering, and security and video surveillance.

Our aim is to ensure that our Energy Management and Smart Home solutions are easily available to every consumer in the world, and that it works independently of the hardware our customers choose to install. We want consumers everywhere to be able to access the full range of our applications.


More than a maintenance software, Infraspeak is a technical operations platform that totally adapts to you and your needs.

Infraspeak is the most simple, integrated, flexible and efficient software to excel at the overall process of facility and asset management. Using the most advanced web and mobile technologies, it radically increases control and productivity of its users, reducing bureaucracy, risks and costs.

From corrective maintenance to asset management to building management, Infraspeak is an innovative solution for companies supplying, managing or purchasing maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.



James is a one-stop shop for Credit Risk Management that allows you to easily create, validate, deploy, and monitor regulation-ready, high-performing predictive models.

While working on several data science projects, we started to detect a worrisome pattern in the financial services industry: it has become harder and harder for players in this industry to maintain their risk management expertise both in-house and up to date. James makes sure risk teams have continuous access to state of the art data science techniques and up to date validation and monitoring requirements, without having to setup complex software solutions.



Mapidea is a web-based Enterprise Location Intelligence SaaS deployed on the Cloud or On-Premises. Designed under the core principles of simplicity and speed, it supports a large number of business users from distinct areas in a collaborative analytical environment. It’s a ready-to-use, zero-setup solution that fusions internal and external data sources using geography as a common dimension.

 * Spatial Business Performance and Competition Management
* Location-Based Customer Lifecycle Management
* Spatial Network and Store Expansion and Optimization
* Monetize your data