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Shaping the Digital Ecosystem of the Future

Each year the ETIS Community Gathering brings together European Telecommunication professionals to share knowledge and best practices in a trusted environment. 

In the past, the Telecom industry was dominated by Telecom equipment vendors and operators. New technologies were built by Telecom equipment vendors which were implemented and monetized by Telecom operators. Telephony, data, internet and TV services were brought to market in this way.

Nowadays, the Telecom vendors and operators are no longer alone in the driver seat. Thanks to the digital transformation and other disruptive technologies, new players have taken their slice of the cake: Google, Facebook, Netflix offer communication and video services.  

Because of the ongoing digital transformation and newly emerging disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, SDN/NFV and 5G, Telecom operators need to take important decisions. At the same time these disruptive technologies will allow new players and other industries to play a role in the value chain. The jury is still out on how the new ecosystems will be shaped and who will play which role in them. 

Therefore we want to have an open debate with the involved parties and industries on what the opportunities and challenges are and most important to start 'Shaping the Digital Ecosystem of the Future' together.  We will get the view of opinion leaders, other industries and OTT players throughout the ETIS Gathering Community Gathering 2017.