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Learn what ETIS Members have to say about being part of the ETIS Community...


Our members are the heart and soul of ETIS. They are the ones who selflessly, in addition to their regular jobs, put in the time and effort to make ETIS and our Working Groups successful. They are also the main driving force behind all of our activities, whether it be projects, surveys, topics, reference documents or new working groups.


Within the ETIS community, people share with others because they want to help, learn, compare but above all share their knowledge and experience. And between all of our Telco members, associates and partners, there is a lot to be shared. 


Below you can find just a few examples to showcase how our members are taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge residing within the ETIS community. Should you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you can participate, please do not hesitate to contact us.



 "Standing in isolation, even the most competent CIOs and IT leaders are like computers

not connected to the network. Today in order to achieve our results, execute our strategy 
and improve business performance we depend more and more on a solid network
of experts where sharing experiences, best-practices, main challenges of the industry.
ETIS is one of the ways to achieve this.”

Luca Varvello

Head of AD Architecture

Telecom Italia & Former ETIS Council Member

"For me its always an invaluable source of knowledge and pleasure to attend the 
ETIS CIO Executive Workshops, because through exchanging of information between 
top IT professionals provides fertile ground for learning about multitude of approaches
to Information Systems management in the telecom area."

Andreas Asimomitis 
IT Development Manager

OTE & ETIS Council Member

"Our most important considerations to join ETIS is to profit from the opportunities to
share, discuss, and exchange ideas with peers in our industry. The ETIS workshops allow us
to meet multiple Telco operators and service providers at the same time, which enables us
to get a better view on common challenges and solutions for improving our technical landscape.”

Bram Van der Zwet

Head of Technical Strategy & Architecture


"It was my pleasure to host the ETIS CSS Working Group meeting in Vienna. Besides sharing 
extremely valuable know-how between each other, I always look forward to meeting 
so many nice and open people. I appreciate being part of this group, not just because
of the regular Working Group meetings but also because of the easy access
to everyone to share our thoughts and ideas.”

Herbert Schoeberl

Head of e-business

A1 Telekom Austria


"Cyber security and defence have found their way up to the highest management

into our organisations. As today’s sophisticated cyber threats are rapidly increasing, 
it is important to raise awareness that it is not an individual risk but ultimately one 
that we must share through our communities and peers. More than ever, the ISWG proves itself
to be a great platform for sharing experiences on the development of Information Security
in our organisations. I’m very eager and excited to see how the newly created
Incident Response (CERT) group is going to be further developed in the future
as the existing trust between the ETIS members is per definition a key factor to its success!”

Andy De Petter

Information Security Governance

Belgacom & ETIS ISWG Chairman


"We strongly believe that our participation in ETIS will be beneficial for us, 
providing us with the opportunity to share know-how, experience and ideas
with the biggest fellow Telecoms Operators in Europe.

Christos Christopoulos
Group IT Director