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This feed contains a dynamic collection of blogs from the ETIS Members, Associate Members and Partners taking part in the ETIS Working Groups. The Blogs cover a wide range of ETIS related topics such as Information Security, Anti-Spam, Billing, Business Intelligence and more Telco OSS/BSS issues. Once logged in, all ETIS members have also the possibility to publish a Blog both on their own personal profile pages and in the Working Group pages.

If you would like to learn more about how to add a Blog to the ETIS website or access the Members Corner please contact us for more information.


The way to make stories and experiences interactive is to think paperOpen in a New Window

As we try and make devices and experiences more and more interactive, richer and instant, we should probably understand that we have failed, before we go much further. ‘The most interactive device, ever, is a book’. So said a conference speaker, years ago, when we were first seduced by interactive technology. Asked why, he said ‘because […]


How wireless has become the modern infrastructure – InfographicOpen in a New Window

Wireless tech is an idea that started out on the drawing board and went to become one of the largest carriers of digital data in the world today. This pattern of growth has been nothing short on monumental. Today, wireless technology is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of several niches of industries. Every […]


News highlights – 22 FebruaryOpen in a New Window

News highlights for 22 February Trump windfall for Israelis cyber security and defence firms TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Investors are betting heavily that Israeli defense and cyber-security firms will reap a windfall from President Donald Trump’s big U.S. spending plans, although likely benefits for the wider economy remain like the man himself – hard to […]


Facebook, TV wars and talks to stream one MLB game a weekOpen in a New Window

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Facebook Inc is in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream one game per week during the upcoming season, which could be a key win as the social media platform works to offer more live sports, according to two people familiar with the situation. Facebook has pushed to sign deals […]


UPS tests drones to offset pressure on margins and future price hikesOpen in a New Window

(Reuters) – Package delivery company United Parcel Service Inc said on Tuesday it will consider raising prices across the board in coming years to offset pressure on margins, particularly from the rising costs of delivering packages to e-commerce customers. “We… always have to be diligent about getting the right return,” particularly as costs rise, Richard […]


Verizon and Yahoo agree new, lower price for dealOpen in a New Window

(Reuters) – Verizon Communications Inc said on Tuesday it would buy Yahoo Inc’s core business for $4.48 billion, lowering its original offer by $350 million in the wake of two massive cyber attacks at the internet company. The closing of the deal, which was first announced in July, had been delayed as the companies assessed […]


Will the Internet of Things become a practical commerce platform?Open in a New Window

It is inevitable, ahead of MWC, that there is a flurry of announcements and activity. From 5G to payments, from AR to security, the place is awash. The Internet of Things is no exception, and IBM has done more than most to bang the drum (toot its horn and blow its trumpet). The company sees pretty much […]


Find out why cyber security is vital to digital transformation.Open in a New Window

City image from BT and Cisco digital transformation infographic on IDC's cyber security reportMost organisations around the world have ineffective cyber security, and that means they struggle to thrive in today’s digital world. Seeking a better understanding of cloud and cyber-security adoption among businesses, IDC developed the Cyber Security Proficiency Framework. This innovative new tool looks at the alignment of security objectives, business goals and cyber-defence solutions to […]


Dealing with the ‘new normal’ in security.Open in a New Window

cloud concernsBy David Canellos, SVP Service Provider, MSP and Strategic Partners, Symantec. BT customers are set to benefit from enhanced cloud security and simplified network administration, following its partnership with Symantec. The new security perimeter. Regardless of whether you’re employed within the IT industry, or a customer of it, you’ll be well aware of the massive […]


Why privileged accounts are catnip to hackers.Open in a New Window

Bas de Graaf, Head of Product Management — Security Consulting, BT.By Bas de Graaf, Head of Product Management — Security Consulting, BT. Defending your privileged accounts should be high on your list of security priorities. Bas de Graaf explains why. The keystone to your security stance. If your network were an architectural arch, your privileged accounts would be the keystone. Once a hacker breaks them, […]


BT and Cisco — saving thousands of global reputations together.Open in a New Window

BT and Cisco paper imageBy Kate Kuehn, Head of the Security Practice, Americas, BT. Cyber security will make or break a digital business. It is the number-one enabler, allowing a business to run at speed and to build customer trust and investor confidence. Conversely, poor cyber security is a disabler and will undermine all efforts at digital transformation. This […]


Blockchain has a huge security flaw — can it be fixed?Open in a New Window

Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO Security Consulting Practice, BT AmericasBy Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO, Security Consulting Practice, Americas, BT. Bitcoin changed money forever. But without blockchain, it has no intrinsic value. Find out why all companies need to be concerned about its significant security flaw. Halloween’s biggest trick or treat. When Satoshi Nakamoto published his paper introducing Bitcoin on Halloween 2008, he really was out […]


Working together to disrupt digital crime.Open in a New Window

Bas Burger, President of BT in the AmericasBy Bas Burger, President in the Americas, BT. We’re bringing our front-line insight into cyber crime to RSA 2017. We’ve successfully overcome millions of cyber attacks. And, from our central position in the fight against cyber crime, we’ve learned that no one — from nation states to the world’s largest companies — is safe from […]


Humans matter: Issue three — Discretion, automation and the rise of the hackbot.Open in a New Window

Bryan K. Fite, BT US&C Security Portfolio ManagerBy Bryan K. Fite, Account CISO, BT. The RSA Conference 2017 isn’t far away. Bryan K. Fite explores why discretion and automation will be high on the agenda this year. What matters most. It’s that time of year again: RSA prep. Presentation material? Check. Client, prospect and partner meetings? Check. Possibly the hardest of all […]


How collaboration can beat cyber crime.Open in a New Window

Julie BloecherJulie Bloecher, Director of Strategic Engagements, BT. Cyber security in today’s threat-riddled world is as reliant on collaboration as it is on technology. The single best thing you can do to stay secure. As a security professional, I’m often asked what’s the single most important piece of advice I would give to a company trying […]


Security-enabled business: Software-defined segmentation.Open in a New Window

Computer Security in the Age of PowerBy Jonathan Tate, Lead Consultant, Cyber Security, BT and Christopher Vieira, Technology Evaluation Lead, BT. When it comes to cyber attacks, you need to look past the perimeter and into your network. Here’s how a unified approach is the best platform for security. Secure the perimeter. In the past, it was often considered feasible for […]


Security enabled business: rethinking the risk.Open in a New Window

By Richard Baker, Cloud Security and Futures Architect, BT. In our new blog series, we explore how to keep your organisation safe from the main security threats you face when using the cloud. Cloud adoption is changing business. The drive towards the mass adoption of cloud hosted services and applications is changing the relationships that […]


The main security threats for the oil and gas industry.Open in a New Window

Image from BT Oil and Gas white paperAdvances in technology mean positive transformation for the oil and gas industry, but the benefits will only be felt if these threats are addressed… In our previous blog on this topic, we talked about how technology such as IP-enabled equipment, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are helping to transform the oil and […]


Risk and reward: automation and Big Data in oil and gas.Open in a New Window

Image from BT Oil and Gas white paperBig Data and automation can create significant improvements within the oil and gas industry, but they come with cyber security risks that can’t be ignored. The rewards of integrating new technology. Already, IP-enabled equipment has changed the oil and gas industry, automating time-consuming processes and providing a clear overview of operations. As our white paper […]


Could you be part of BT’s next generation of cyber defenders?Open in a New Window

BT apprenticeships page imageAs cyber attacks increase in scale and sophistication, we’re looking to the future of cyber security — with apprenticeships for the next generation of experts. A growing demand for new skills. According to The Economist, 2016 was “a cracking year for hacking” and it claims “things are likely to get worse before they get better”. In […]


There’s a new cyber security sheriff in town…Open in a New Window

BT and KPMG infographic fiveThe changing nature of cyber threats might make security a challenge, but here’s one way your organisation can turn risk into opportunity. Sometimes, it seems that all the talk of cyber security and digital crime is about doom and gloom. It’s true, you face serious risks from criminal entrepreneurs — and you do need to […]


My top five cyber security articles for business 2016.Open in a New Window

Luke BeesonBy Luke Beeson, VP Security UK and Global Banking & Financial Markets, BT. With the impact of cyber attacks having continued to increase through 2016, here’s a round-up of the best articles about cyber security this year. A turning point in the fight against cyber crime. If 2015 was the year that made many global […]


Images from ROpen in a New Window

I hate having my photo taken, always have – but it is one of the things you have to do when you are in business. I use a standard portrait and it can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, About.Me, etc. However Niek Temme, who I work with at a client site has used R to […]


Sequent Values and PrinciplesOpen in a New Window

During the early 90’s I had the honour and pleasure to work with a great group of people at Sequent Computer Systems. The company had a set of great set of values and principles and I often refer to them and sometimes am asked for a copy. In the absence of being able to find […]


An Introduction to Data Virtualization in Business IntelligenceOpen in a New Window

A new presentation entitled An Introduction to Data Virtualization in Business Intelligence is now available. It provides a brief description of what Data Virtualization is and how it can be used to support business intelligence applications and development. Originally presented to the ETIS Conference in Riga, Latvia in October 2013


18 years and counting …Open in a New Window

As a company we are rapidly approaching our 18th year of delivering ‘Data Management & Warehousing’ solutions to our clients. We started trading on 1 July 1995 and by 25 September 1995 we had our domain name – we used Demon Internet to get the domain name and because we were in the UK and […]


BI SaaS & Cloud Strategies for TelcosOpen in a New Window

An ETIS presentation from Brussels in March 2013 This presentation looks at what SaaS and Cloud mean for BI and analytics in Telcos. Read more in the presentation … Download BI SaaS & Cloud Strategies for Telcos now


Education OnlineOpen in a New Window

Those of you that know our consultants, or have read some of the blog posts on this website will be aware of our interest in on-going education and understanding, not only in our field of work but in the wider world. Here we list some of the online resources that are changing the way on-going […]


Addressing Business Intelligence Data QualityOpen in a New Window

A friend of mine posted a link to Michael W. Dobson’s TeleMapics Blog entitled Google Maps announces a 400 year advantage over Apple Maps about Apple’s problems with the release of their own mapping solution with iOS6. These problems are well documented elsewhere but Michael’s post highlights problems not just associated with mapping data but common across […]


Building An Analytical PlatformOpen in a New Window

Reprint of an article published by SAP about a recent piece of work I have recently been asked to build an analytical platform for a project – but what is an analytical platform? The client (a retailer) described it as a database where they could store data, a front end where they could do statistical work […]


Inspirational Data VisualizationOpen in a New Window

Data visualization has come of age – there is now no excuse for not only having good information but also for presenting it in an engaging and informative way. Here we look at a number of sites that can inspire and inform the way you present your information. Nathan Yau has a blog called Flowing Data that gathers […]


It’s time for Slow Business IntelligenceOpen in a New Window

I have been aware for a few months of the Slow Web Movement, which, like other parts of the slow movement, advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace. More specifically it is about getting more value and less volume from the web, getting quality information when it is appropriate and not being overwhelmed […]
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