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ETIS is the trusted community for telecom professionals.

Founded in 1991, ETIS is a membership based organization which brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge in a trusted environment. Our goal is to enable our members to reach their strategic objectives and to improve their business performance by sharing knowledge on industry challenges and by collaborating where possible. ETIS achieves this by engaging its members in Working Groups, sharing best-practices & common requirements, benchmarking, surveys and an active online community. What makes ETIS truly unique is that its’ members share real-world experiences delivering knowledge, innovation and value that goes well beyond the theoretical models covered in other industry bodies.

ETIS also provides a mirror where our members can gauge the progress of their IT integration, governance, and transformation strategies against each other in a non-competitive environment that benefits the Telecom industry as a whole. The core knowledge sharing and activity of ETIS takes place in its working groups which are organized around key issues decided by the members.

 ETIS Membership Benefits:

  • Participation in all of ETIS events and activities
  • Sharing knowledge on business performance, governance, efficiency & cost reduction
  • Trusted platform for sharing knowledge via Working Groups, Projects & Task forces
  • Access to Telco specific best practices, common requirements, benchmarking, KPIs & surveys
  • Expanded business relationships & networking with EU Telcos and their daughter companies
  • Joining an active ETIS online community
  • Personal & professional development for employees
  • Driving the strategic direction of ETIS via the Management Board
You can learn more about our current working groups here.


For more information on how to join ETIS activities, please contact us.